Why use a Level 2 charger?

Level 2 chargers provide significantly faster charging times compared to the standard Level 1 charger that comes with most electric vehicles. Level 2 chargers deliver upwards of 11.5kW and on average can charge an EV in 4-6 hours. With a Level 2 charger, you can wake up to a full battery every morning!

Level 2 chargers are also more convenient. They can be controlled from a mobile app and have smart charging capabilities. This means you can schedule when you want to charge your electric car and manage your energy usage straight from your phone. Also, by having a Level 2 charger installed at home, there's no need to drive anywhere else to charge your car!

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Level 2 chargers require installation

Level 2 chargers require to be installed by a certified electrician, and in some states a permit is required to do the job. The charger can be either mounted to a wall, hardwired or mounted on a pedestal outside your home. EV charger installations normally require an installer to add a 240-volt outlet or to hardwire it directly to the panel.

Using a certified electrician ensures your charger is installed safely and properly. Lectrium works with local, certified installers to find you the best price and get the job done reliably. Start by taking our quick survey to get a quote.

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  • Charging Capacity

    The charging capacity for Level 2 chargers is normally 32 amps, 40 amps or 48 amps. Chargers with a higher charging capacity will require more amperage draw from your electrical panel. General rule of thumb is to have 20% more amperage on your panel than the charger itself.

  • Smart Charging

    Smart chargers allow you to control the charger and manage your charging through a mobile app. Smart charging capabilities include scheduling charging times (start and stop), managing energy usage and tracking your charging spend.

  • Duo Charging

    If you need to charge two electric vehicles at once or want to have the ability to charge two EVs simultaneously, you might want to consider a duo charger. These chargers come with two charging cables and split the charge equally between two cars.

  • Charging Compatibility

    Most Level 2 chargers are compatible with all electric vehicle models in North America and come with a standard J1772 plug. Currently, the only exception is the Tesla Wall Connector, which requires an adapter for non-Tesla vehicles.

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